Dexter season finale

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While the finale of Dexter wasn't perfect, it was the most stunning evolution of a character I have seen on television. By Jack O’Regan |...


Pie Magazine

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The important news from the past few days. By Alex Critchley | 22 October 2014 The sequel to Five Nights at Freddy's was announced, with its...

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While good reviews still have punching power in the film industry, are we even listening? By Chris Green | 22 October 2014 For any film-buff, reading...
Pie Magazine

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Yet more death threats in the gaming industry. By Joshua Howse-Stuart | 21 October 2014 The indie game Paranautical Activity was axed from Steam recently, following online death...
Pie Magazine

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Did it destroy or save Ratchet & Clank? By Lee Millington | 21 October 2014 You'd be forgiven for thinking that Ratchet & Clank is now dead...


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Stigmas about ageing are overshadowing our ability to identify Alzheimer’s sufferers By Fariha Eshrat | 17 October 2014 “Grandma can’t tell our names anymore; she recognises...

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Cheetahs are under threat, but this majestic and misunderstood animal may have some hope on the horizon... By Harry McGrath | 14 October 2014 My recent...
Academic Stress

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We are the most stressed generation: isn't it time we changed that? By Brett Chesney | 14 October 2014 There has been much reported on the Millennial...
Nottingham Half Marathon

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Alex Hewitt's first half marathon: "It's got me hooked." By Alex Hewitt | 09 September 2014 It’s earlier on a Sunday morning than I would ever dream...

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