Leah Nobel 02

We get to know the rising star behind this brand new track By Ben Franks | 27 January 2015 Leah Nobel, the super rising star we...


Pie Magazine

Gaming is a business, and that means paying some way or another. By Lee Millington | 31 January 2015 The death of the subscription based MMO...
Pie Magazine

Just Minecraft in space? Not so much. By Alex Critchley | 30 January 2015 It's been a while now since No Man's Sky was revealed, so...
Pie Playlist

Our pick of the best tunes we’ve been listening to this week By Niamh Harkett and Ruth Anderson | 30 January 2015 Every week our music...
Pie Magazine

The future is now...ish... Alright, maybe ten years away... Alright, maybe more. By Alex Critchley, Lee Millington, and Heather Wald | 29 January 2015 Lee- When one...


Green Party and the Liberal Democrats and UKIP all fringe parties

With the 2015 election fast becoming a five-horse race, what is to be made of the policies of these fringe parties, and can they...
Kate Middleton Prince Charles Prince Philip Prince Harry Camilla The Queen Royal Family

After Pie's recent opinion piece claiming that republicanism was a doomed movement, Citizen Joe sends Pie Magazine a letter to set the record straight. By...
Conservative Mp and Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond

Conservative MP and Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has stepped into the row over government plans to enforce plain packaging for cigarettes, raising questions over...
Kate Middleton with Prince William, Prince Harry, The Queen and the Royal Family on the day of the Royal Wedding 29th March 2011

Republicanism has been around in Britain for a long time whilst failing to make any progress towards it's cause. But why is the movement...


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